Monthly Archives: March 2011

One hell of a Saturday at CMW

Yes, we messed up Friday and ended up playing Big Buck Hunter into the wee hours of the night. However, Saturday was a whole other animal. The kind that shakes, rattles, and rolls from bar to band and into the…


Last weekend we did it for ourselves. We rose up, paid the extra dollar for avocado and double cheese and wallowed in self satisfaction. It was a nice break from the monotony of the weekend, but it was a little bit too self indulgent.

It’s alright to do this sort of thing sporadically, but after last weekend I think we may have gone a bit overboard. We need a kick back to reality. This week we are pulling it all the way around and sticking with the house brand, only No-Name this week. We are going to use the most generic products, the cheap stuff, DIY included!

Investigate This: Shane12lee

I have a great fascination with those that expose themselves fully on the Internet. NO NOT IN THAT WAY! (yes in that way, but not in this instance). What I mean is, people that openly share everything about themselves on the internet fascinate me greatly.

Sometime last year I came across a video called “Worst Beatboxer Ever”.


Canadian Music Week has begun, friends. While we will be stumbling across this great goddamn city for the next week, expect us to get back to our music basics in the soon time with some fresh coverage and reviews. Lord…