Vanilla I…Don’t Think So…

All day I had one song in my head. All day under my breath I was humming one tune. All day, when I was safely alone, I would belt out the same song in a fit of musical spontaneousness.

The second I got home I had to look the song up and play that sucker loud. After I did this I was thrust into a vortex of youtube links. Every video getting better than the last, yet all related by a common thread.

So this is the premise of this post: I am going to Tarantino this shit and send you in the opposite direction of the video voyage I just took. That way you can end with the sweet melody that was jamming in my brain all day.

**NOTE: I guess you could just start at the bottom and work your way up…but that would be spoiling the whole point of this exciting voyage. dick.

***NOTE: my apologies for the videos that won’t embed. Some turkey disabled it.

Check out this video at 1:03 – things get very real. I guess not much has changed since then [see upcoming Juggalo post]


Pertinent from about 2:04 to 4:00

Note whats going on between 1:08 – 1:20. Come on Peter Criss [fuck yeah Hootie won!]

Just Gold. Double Shot.