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Our first mode of celebration when we found out that we had posted 200 entries on S+C was to wait for the liquor store to open and buy as many boxes of wine as we could carry, then drink them. But realizing that we were going to do that anyway, so we wanted to do something a little more special. Being lazy and instead of thinking up any form of original celebration we went to our good friend the internet to inspire us on how to celebrate our 200 somethings.

Finding the internet a little overwhelming we limited our search to YouTube. So, sifting out all of the machinima (if you don’t speak 1337 this means making movies from video games, AKA being a virgin), here is how other people have celebrated their 200’s.


White Loop

White Loop is a sound installation created by Nick Hutcheson, Mara Marxt and Eva Schindling being showcased at this year’s Nuit Blanche.  The project explores the collective unconscious of a neighbourhood by looping a 100 pre-recorded voices re-telling their dreams. …


Movie Review: Moneyball

Alex, of the pop culture and film site the MacGuffin Men (not to be confused with breakfast blogging enthusiasts the McMuffin Men) writes a movie review of Moneyball, against his better judgement. I hate reading movie reviews, as there are…

Chaplin, Charlie (A Night in the Show)_01

The Electric Cigarette: Fault, Form, and Deliver

Some big changes coming down S&C way, as a direct result the ole Electric Cigarette is slowly burning itself out. Until that day comes, this old thing will keep on keeping on. From TEDxToronto to Polish Fest, the S&C hive-mind has…