I Can’t Believe They Let Me Drive!

Last week Honda invited me to an empty parking lot by Polson Pier to let me rip around in tricked out Civics and get manhandled by professional drivers. The whole thing was pretty dope, here are some pics from the day.


They had us driving Civic SI’s with some sort of “HFP”, which I guess means ‘Honda Factory Performance’. I’m definitely not a ‘car guy’ so to me HFP meant that the car went fast and looked fancy on the inside.


Basically we were in an empty parking lot, and got to fly around a mini track.



The whole time we were ripping around the course I kept referencing the “Limo Scene” from The Wedding Singer, but no one knew what the hell I was talking about. I may have been the weird guy talking about cones the whole time, but I thought they were weird for not knowing it. Aren’t you in the car business?! Isn’t knowing that scene mandatory?! [For The Full Scene Click Here]


Kanishka Sonnadara [@autokss] took the front seat and showed me some pointers on how to pull off buttery smooth shifting and look fly while drifting corners.


After rigorous testing, Reggie Ramone [@reggieramone], Alen Sadeh [@alensadeh], and I realized that there was a direct correlation between how tight our driving was to how much Rick Ross was blasting on our radio.


To end the day the pros got in the drivers seat and took us passengers on crazy hot laps, testing the cars to their max. Check out the video below to get a feel for what we went through.


One of the drivers was Daniel Morad. He’s basically a 22-year-old formula racing hunk who was almost disqualified from a number of races because every time he’d make a lap there would be numerous complaints of ladies’ panties evaporating.


Check out the driving!