Living Road Songs: a look at photographer Jordan Sullivan

Here’s a rad video from one of the LoveBryan regulars, Brett Nelson.

Jordan Sullivan from Brett Nelson on Vimeo.

From his storied work as a photographer, singer/songwriter, and a director, Nelson can only be defined as the picture of an old soul. Born in the wrong century, his work across all mediums begs for wide open country, and a pace of life long since left behind by the current.

Following New York photographer, Jordan Sullivan, the short doc offers brief glimpses of the artist in the midst of his Road Songs exhibit. Sullivan, himself, seems very much in the same vein as Nelson – a thinker, a tinkerer, a dreamer and a lost in timer. From mentions of satanic possessions to Coors Light talls from a corner store, cigarettes and a loft all too crowded with its own creativity, streets, back rooms, and the rest, it’s an excellent and perfectly short piece.

We were never free on the road. We never found the California everyone was talking about. We never found gold or your mother’s ghost or the real name of America. Just illusions and mirages and stolen landscapes. We couldn’t go back home and we couldn’t disappear. All we were left with was a dream that could never come true and the memory of you telling me that we could live forever. 

Follow more of Nelson’s work from his music moniker, Sweet Tooth Nelson. A folksy sound that is best enjoyed in Nelson’s element: the great, grand outdoors.

Sweet Tooth Nelson Featuring Jess Paps – ‘No Light’ from 642 Hollow on Vimeo.