Only You Can See Me, a documentary series from Northcote

Our favourite bearded crooner has released an excellently candid documentary series.

Offering insight into the greatness that is Northcote, the series – totaling four videos and released on YouTube – is shot in straight black and white, which is fitting considering the intimate and sometimes isolated sound. The series, perfectly titled Only You Can See Me, follows Matt Gould (the beard, himself) from his small town, through touring, and deeply into the inspiration behind his record Gather No Dust.

For those unfamiliar with Northcote (and, firstly, what the hell are you doing with your life?), the music brims with familiarity – to a time we might recall, or at the very least like to think we recall. A romanticization of yesteryear, with that sweet, sweet, horrible realization that it’s behind us.

Have a heart, tin men. Enjoy.