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Meet the Locals: A Guide To Cyclists In The City

You’ve probably been stuck behind them in the bike lane. Perhaps, every morning, they rudely cut you off on the same right-hand turn during the College St rush-hour. You may have anxiously watched them just barely squeak through what appeared…


Last Words With Noah Campbell Of The Socials

We caught up with The Socials at Supermarket Wednesday night. With a tummy full of dumplings, the four-piece vigorously awoke the sleepy kooks of Kensington Market with a fast paced set.


Bruce Brothers Unmask Tupper Ware Remix Party

Tupper Wear Remix Party authorized clearance for the Bruce Brothers to their fortress of solace and creativity. We respected their extraterrestrial lair crawling with ancient alien artifacts (ie’ pictures of horses kissing, an advertisement for CATS, Power Rangers Megazord, and…


Hello Ocean Till September 10 At HUNTCLUB

It had been too long since i had seen the ocean. This is a collection of work and writings that were inspired from a reunion with her. It was necessary to retreat to nature: to take a spiritual voyage, a creative sabbatical. I…

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An Open Apology To The Arkells (Sorry, You Guys)

I’ve seen The Arkells play three shows since 2009. Since that time I was a prototypical, passive part of the crowd; arms crossed with a slight sway to the left and right depending on the tempo of the track. Throw…