How to make your working space more ergonomic


Even though sitting itself may not seem like a demanding activity, those who spend a long time in sitting position know how harmful long sitting can be. Sitting too long can affect the spine and cause discomfort and pain.

This is why it is important to maintain correct posture if you cannot avoid long sitting, in order to minimize the negative impact of sitting on your back.

How can you achieve correct posture in the workplace?

Many jobs require long sitting, especially in front of the computer screen. You can achieve correct posture by making yourself sit properly, and the best solution is getting an ergonomic chair and adjustable computer desk, so you can adapt them to your body and your natural position.

Ergonomic furniture

zjecixe3bo7yhtpgmzqaErgonomic furniture is a great solution for those who spent hours sitting at the computer desk. It includes chairs, which allow you to set up the height of the backrest and seat, their angle and much more. There are also ergonomic chairs with many features for adjusting, and office accessories such as computer mice, mouse pads, shelves and so on.

Adjusting the working environment

In order to make your workplace more ergonomic, you should adapt the working environment. This includes adjusting the computer and all its parts so they are positioned properly in relation to your body, and preferably getting an ergonomic chair to support your spine and other bones, as well as joints and muscles.

Adjusting the monitor, keyboard and mouse

The top of the monitor should be aligned with your eyes, and it should be mildly tilted down to avoid reflections. The mouse and the keyboard should be 1-2 inches above your thighs and shoulder-distance apart from one another. The keyboard should have mild negative tilt, which means that it should be tilted down and away from you, not the other way around.

Adjusting the chair


Adjusting the chair will largely help you reduce back pain and find working more comfortable. Find a chair with lumbar support so that the lumbar part of your spine is supported in its natural, slightly curved position. Adjust the chair so that your feet are on the floor, with your thighs slightly below the level of your hips.

Other habits for preventing back pain

In addition to adapting the working environment, there are some habits you can form in order to keep your spine healthy and pain-free in the workplace.

Determine what your natural posture is

CdIcSptWwAA1LYmFirst of all, you need to determine what your natural posture is. Sit somewhere away from the computer desk, find a position in which you feel relaxed and comfortable. Memorize the position and adjust the chair so that it supports precisely this posture.

Take breaks and move

If your work consists of sitting in front of the computer, make sure to make regular breaks. Take a short break every 20 minutes to move your eyes from the screen and focus on a distant point. Every two hours, get away from the desk, stretch and move. If you have time, it is always good to take a short walk during a lunch break.