Ergonomic Furniture

Our health is in constant danger, and we have to do everything we can in order to preserve it and stay in good shape for as long as possible.

Uncomfortable chairs and other furniture may put strain on our spine, joints, muscles, and if we are forced to spend large amounts of time in the same position – the consequences can be devastating for our health condition.


Ergonomics of office furniture

For a vast majority of people, daily jobs include several hours of sitting in an office, typing and slouching behind a desk, complaining about back pains and similar problems. Our offices are filled with furniture that can be dangerous for our health, but some of those items can also be helpful and restore our health back to good shape if we use ergonomically designed furniture elements.

 Office chairs

3603638141_9c82034ee7_oOf all the furniture in our offices, chairs are the number one cause of back problems, painful joints, and similar health issues. Therefore, having a well-built chair is extremely important and we should invest in this piece of furniture, simply because this investment will ultimately affect our health, comfort, and productivity.

What to look for when buying an office chair

Since humans are all different, not every office chair will be suitable for everyone. It is important to find a chair that fits your needs in the best possible way, and elements like size, height, weight, functionality, design, etc., should all be taken into consideration. Individual elements of a chair should also be “inspected”, such as the base, seat pan, backrest, armrests, and so on.

 The base of the chair

Having a sturdy and reliable chair is crucial in your overall stability, and the place where everything starts is the bottom or the base. Usually, chairs come with a 5-point base, and this prevents tipping and allows for easier movement if the chair comes equipped with casters.


An equally important part of every office chair is its backrest, and this component should be designed to provide lumbar support and thus help your spine to be in proper shape. Most chairs have adjustable backrests, which can be customized by turning a knob on the side and this affects the angle of the backrest.


Additional important features of an ergonomic office chair

A balanced position is a key element of maintaining good posture and avoiding many health problems, but there are some other factors to consider when buying an office chair. Pragmatic aspects, such as maintenance or cleaning are all very reasonable questions, and every buyer shod think about his or her needs before making a purchase.Screen-Shot-2016-03-18-at-7.15.09-PM-360x400


When it comes to functionality and comfort, armrests are very important as well, and they should be adjustable and flexible, with a soft and pleasant surface.

Hydraulic height mechanism

The height of the chair is one of the main attributes that decides whether the person sitting in it will be comfortable or the chair will be a painful contraption. Office chairs with hydraulic height mechanism can easily change the altitude of the seat pan, and this can allow the customer to sit in a perfectly balanced position.

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